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LGBT Themes and Science Fiction: Fast Friends

This post originally appeared over at GayYA.org.

from the Hubble space telescopeI write speculative fiction, usually somewhere between soft science fiction and magical realism, and often, though not exclusively, with LGBT themes and characters. I suppose I could write more mainstream stories, but I like to twist things up and mess with the universe, and besides, I’m a genre geek. I swear this is less from a God complex perspective, and more about playfulness and political intent. Metaphors for transition, coming out, family acceptance, and the like can replace a description of the real thing, and in so doing, open up some space away from angst so more time can be spent appreciating some of the other aspects of these moments.Personally, I’m over angst, having racked up enough of those moments through two whole puberties! But as a writer for young adult and crossover audiences, I’m invested in finding ways to depict all of that cortisol-inducing stress, especially as it relates to LGBT themes. So I opt to find a different geography, a reinvention of time, nifty gadgets and alien species to push, instead of resolve, tension. Read More…

Considerations for Zombie Quarantine Managers

zombie quarantine posterDespite the many apocalyptic presumptions made regarding zombifying infection of the human species, there are worthwhile approaches for isolating and managing zombie individuals that should be considered for specific jurisdictions and communities. Agencies including the CDC and WHO have already implemented zombie response protocols and are on the lookout for outbreaks when containment is still an option. Quarantining zombie individuals can serve to protect uninfected people and provide an opportunity for future treatment should one be discovered. Further considerations include the following: Read More…

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