Bumbling into Body Hair: Synopsis

Thirty-something Jenifer had watched life go by, having focused on her career and needy girlfriend, Patricia. When Jenifer told said girlfriend that she was considering getting a sex change, the Patricia announced that no, she was going to transition and Jenifer couldn’t steal her identity. So Jenifer went underground, learning about gender transition online with a secret persona, until she was discovered by now-boyfriend Pat. Transitioning was hard enough without a big breakup, but Jenifer dumped her partner and after many months started coming out. Through a new relationship and new job, Jenifer took a new name, Everett, and identity. Navigating legal hurdles and medical personnel, Everett was faced with handling all of the pressure, adjustments, self-doubt, and shoulder hair. Fortunately a sense of humor led the way to realizing that maybe anything is possible, even for a neurotic klutz.

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