2015 in Quotes


Germanwings crash site in France, photo by The Independent


“These towns are just gone, burned down,” said Nigerian Ahmed Zanna, a senator for Borno state where a Boku Haram attack killed more than 2,000 people “The whole area is covered in bodies.”

I wonder why Facebook didn’t make a feel-good support tint for people’s profile pictures around this torched Nigerian village.


“I apologize to all those people who gave of their faith, time, energy and resources to elect me to a fourth term last year and who have supported me over the past three decades.” —Disgraced Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber as he resigned from office, which led to the appointment of the USA’s first openly bisexual governor, Kate Brown

Well look at that little LGBT development! I feel like I’ve seen this scenario on television before. If not, I expect to see it in the third season of House of Cards.


“The body of the plane is in a state of destruction, there is not one intact piece of wing or fuselage,” said Bruce Robin, a prosecutor from Marseille about the crash site after a German co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, purposefully crashed a Germanwings aircraft to avoid dealing with decreasing eyesight and the loss of his career. The crash killed 150 people.

But don’t call him a terrorist.


“None of the officers describe any use of force,” Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said regarding the death of Freddie Carlos Gray, who died a week after an arrest by Baltimore police who had given him a “rough ride” in a police van in which Gray’s spine was severed.

My takeaway from this quote is that one need not describe violence in order to enact violence.


“With today’s vote we have disclosed who we are: a generous, compassionate, bold and joyful people.” —Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, regarding the popular vote that amended her country’s constitution to allow same sex marriage

As opposed to the people of the United States.


“Over the course of centuries, black churches served as “hush harbors” where slaves could worship in safety; praise houses where their free descendants could gather and shout hallelujah —  rest stops for the weary along the Underground Railroad; bunkers for the foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement.  They have been, and continue to be, community centers where we organize for jobs and justice; places of scholarship and network; places where children are loved and fed and kept out of harm’s way, and told that they are beautiful and smart and taught that they matter.  That’s what happens in church.  That’s what the black church means.” —President Obama, eulogizing Pastor Clem Pinckney and eight congregants who were gunned down by a delusional, racist, young white man who had come into the church, ostensibly to pray with them.

Watch the President’s full eulogy here. Really. Watch it.

Words cannot express how much this country needed its leader to describe the Black history in their midst of which so many remain ignorant.


“Iran will get a jackpot, a cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars, which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression and terror in the region and in the world.” —Israeli Prime Minister Betanyahu on the signing of the 6-nation nuclear agreement with Iran

That’s okay, Benny, you’ll get more aid from the USA as a result. You’ll have plenty of funding to bomb Palestinian children.


“So long as there are large numbers of pretty desperate migrants marauding around the area, there always will be a threat to the tunnel security. We’ve got to resolve this problem ultimately by being able to return those who are not entitled to claim asylum back to their countries of origin.” —UK Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond, on the increasing numbers of migrants coming to Europe and the UK from Africa.

By the way, he said this while in Singapore on a work trip, during an interview with the BBC.

Good thing Singapore didn’t accuse you of “marauding” around the Sentosa.


“Would that we could all be prophets!” —Pope Francis, during his visit to the United States

He said this before he had a sit-down meeting with Kim Davis and her attorneys. Heh heh.


This Pope hasn’t said junk against LGBT people.


“If you don’t have any friends who don’t say unkind things privately, I congratulate you.” —Hillary Clinton to Rep. Gowdy, who held a hearing all day on the Benghazi attack in Libya.

Seriously, there are so many great moments from this sh*t show, just watch them here.

Looks like Ms. Clinton has run out of f*cks to give to Congress. As have most of us, in all honesty.


“We will get through this, and we will come together. Because in Colorado Springs, we are a resilient and compassionate city. Our mountain setting is beautiful and our people are kind and generous. I ask people around the country and around the world not to judge Colorado Springs by the actions of one individual whose motives, whatever they were, cannot possibly justify murder.” — State Rep. Pete Lee

Maybe your next statement about an attack against Planned Parenthood need not include a nod to your tourism bureau, Pete. But thanks.


“If I could be remembered for one thing, it’s that I was not afraid to not compromise myself.” —Kim Davis

Yes, Ms. Davis. You will not be remembered for your kindness, your open mindedness, nor your fearlessness of the double negative. You will be remembered, if at all, for your obstinacy in the face of your sworn oath and your duty to all Americans, not just the ones who share your understanding of your faith.

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