The glee of google

Dear Person Who Searched for “KY His and Hers Jelly,” and got my blog instead:

My apologies. It must have been frustrating to think that you were about to get vital information on lubricant for sex, only to arrive at this blog instead. Especially frustrating because I really don’t even mention it anywhere, in all 100+ posts. I do speak briefly, however, on the “his and hers” concept, from a humorist perspective. Perhaps that will suffice for your needs? Best of luck in your endeavors!

Dear Person Who Searched for “Fat Man on Cruise,” and got this blog:

I don’t think I like the comparison between your search entry and my personal life, but I blame Google, not you. Perhaps you should narrow your search a bit. Meanwhile, it’s my right to take a cruise if I want to. I generally stayed away from the endless salad bar, because I generally don’t like eating under the scowls and frowns of other people. Hey, maybe that could be turned into a dieting strategy.

Dear Person Who Searched for “man/woman costume,”:

I actually wrote a scathing commentary about the offensiveness of such a costume, and as I don’t actually sell anything on this site, you won’t actually find one to purchase here. And if I were going to sell anything, the top of my inventory list wouldn’t include this crap. Nor would the bottom. Thanks and have a nice day.

Dear Multiple People Who Search for “MRI ACL tear,” and get my blog by mistake:

I feel your pain. Or rather, I felt it, in all of its popping glory. I limped around for a while, got a bad diagnosis, then an accurate one (which somehow cost less), had my surgery, did my rehab, and graduated. Now it’s over. So I’d like to move on. You are stopping me from moving on. I can appreciate the motivation behind searching for other people’s MRI images, especially ones with helpful arrows, since really, we’re all staring at something that’s not there, which is tough to do. But you’re messing with my sense of closure now, so please, tell Google they’re mis-directing you. Because all this dwelling on my knee is depressing.

Dear Hundreds of People Searching for “Mao Ze Dong,” “Maozetong,” “Mao Te Zong,” and “Maotetong,” who come to this blog daily:

My apologies that you came seeking information on the famous leader and instead got a story about my friend’s toddler’s dearly departed fish. But thank you for making that blog post my all-time top-read post. If you actually read it, that is. And hey, I’m mildly impressed with Google’s thesaurus ability, because people practically type in “masfjkdsfiasdfk” and it manages to be read as a search for him. There’s just a little hiccup with the actual destination link, so perhaps Google should put some of their thesaurus developers over on the content-finding side of the operation.

Dear People Who Searched for “Everette Maroon blog,”:

Close, but no cigar [sic]. I have no cigar, either, so there’s no love lost. But my first name isn’t like “barrette,” okay?

Dear People Who Searched for “Everett Maroon blog,”:

Yippee!!! You win! Prize to be awarded in the form of blog content. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Dear People Who Will Search for “Glee” and “Google” tomorrow and get this blog instead:

My apologies in advance. But thanks for stopping by!

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