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Evil Government Workers, or the Politics of Jealousy

Operations Building at Social SecurityLet me come out right at the start and say that I have worked for the government. The Federal Government, in fact, in the vast civil servant system. No question, it took some getting used to. First, there was the 2-day orientation, explaining the protocols, policies, and guidelines for working as a Federal employee, for working in this particular agency, and within that, for this specific team. I was fingerprinted and had a background check, because people with criminal records are generally not eligible for employment from Uncle Sam. So I’ll put that another way—rather than being the scourge of the American pool of workers, they must meet relatively elevated expectations. I’m not saying that American workers in the private sector suck; I’m saying that government workers also excel. Even the intake procedures for hiring them are designed with citizens’ interests in mind.

Does this mean that every government employee is a shining, stellar example of excellence? Of course not. But examine any office environment, anywhere in the United States. Is everyone there amazing? No. Why do we buy into the concept that some crappy civil servants mean all of them suck? Why is it open season to ridicule “the government” and public employees? Well, possibly because Americans have long entertained such stereotypes as true. Read More…

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