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Retiring the Trauma of a Generation

From time to time I run a blog post from a guest writer, and I’m pleased to post this from my friend Dr. Jeannine Love, Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Here Jeannine reflects on the launch of the last Space Shuttle that happened last week.

Atlantis at the launch padI, for one, am relieved to see the space shuttle fleet retired. I realize that this is not necessarily a popular opinion. I watched the launch of Atlantis and the seemingly countless interviews with weeping grandmothers and space-enamored children who feel cheated that they will not get to walk on the moon during a space shuttle mission, or see the earth through the shuttle windows as they cavalierly orbit the planet. Those childhood dreams, however, are simply outweighed by my own childhood ghosts. Specifically, the ghost of the Challenger. Read More…

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