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The Good Christian Households of Walla Walla

I think we’ve established that in the big scheme of things, Walla Walla is a pretty small town. It’s bigger than Ember, Wyoming, yes, but I’m sure 99.9 percent of the United States has more than 50 people in its city limits. Overall, the few tens of thousands of folks who call Wallyworld home understand that it’s a bit isolated, a bit small, and a bit lacking in big city sophistication.

Even in big cities, there are the door-to-door solicitors, mostly hawking church services in a town known for secular government. I can see why this congregation or that would think that sending out local missionaries is a good idea, but in Walla Walla, most folks are already associated with a house of worship. The biggest parking lots here, after all, have aligned themselves with one church or other. Yes, the lone synagogue has a pretty small parking lot. I’ve looked. Read More…

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